Our History

Our History

Established in 1966 Len Reynolds Trust continues to strengthen and grow distribution values.

Len & Ada Reynolds

The Trust's founders practiced generosity as a way of life. They sought not to waste any money or resources, so as to give to others.

Trust Established

Len Reynolds created the Trust in 1966 to help others in the Waikato community, with an enthusiasm for education and good work.

Partnership with Community Waikato

In 2014 Community Waikato was appointed as the Trust's fund manager to help distribute funds to the Waikato region more directly and actively.

Distributions Exceed $750,000

In 2017, our annual distributions exceeded $750,000 and continue to increase each year.

New Strategy

In 2019, the Trust developed a new strategy and as a part of that we appointed our first CEO, brought all of our funding back in house, and have a new focus on children, young people and the environment