About us

Our Purpose

Today our vision is a wider Waikato where all children and young people are secure, resilient and thriving, to ensure they meet their full potential.

Our environmental goal is to protect and preserve the environment as a valuable taonga for future generations.

What We Do

We are a family philanthropic funder. This means that we have a degree of flexibility with how we approach funding. We aim to be strategic, responsive, relational, and operate on a model of high trust.

We understand the power of relationships and connections, and through our work, we aim to make meaningful connections with the groups we fund and serve. We are open to change and improving things to make life easier for the groups we fund, and ultimately for the community.

Who do we fund:

• Registered charities;

• Operating in the wider Waikato region;

Our funding area includes all of Coromandel; Kaiaua, to Port Waikato in the north; to the west to include Raglan, Kawhia, Taharoa to Mokau; as far south to include Taumaranui and Turangi; as far east as Mangakino; Tokoroa; Te Aroha; Whangamata. The region includes Hamilton City; and

• Who are working to achieve our goals of benefiting children, young people and the environment.

Focus Areas in the Children and Young people space:

• Maori Communities;
• Mental Health;
• Community Based Education;
• Overcoming inequality.

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