About us

Our purpose

The Trust was founded as Len Reynolds valued education and performing the job at hand well. By sharing with the community Len could help the Waikato community to learn, prosper and work to its potential. Today, we aim to create and continue strong connections throughout the community. With these connections we give widely and effectively.

What We Do

The Len Reynolds Trust bears a heart to grow prosperous communities. We do this by building partnerships with Waikato community organisations. The Trust Fund distributes funds to charitable organisations and community groups primarily across the Waikato Region.

We are active in seeking out groups to fund and how to fund them. Our Trust funds legally constituted community groups or organisations that are registered under the Charities Act 2005 and working towards one or more of the following:

  • Encouraging more community based and community led initiatives
  • Improving community spirit and connectivity
  • Supporting a wide and diverse range of activities
  • Promoting volunteering

In our work, we are committed to partnering with the community by showing compassion, integrity and upholding the Reynolds’ legacy. We value the needs of the community that they did: the environment, education, families and social well-being.

As we move forward, it is vital to us to strengthen our existing relationships and continue to make new ones. We value our partnership with Community Waikato, who was appointed as the Trust’s fund manager in 2014. This partnership allows us to effectively administer an annual allocated portion of the Trust Fund to the Waikato community. Further information about the managed fund can be found here.

Our History

Established in 1966 Len Reynolds Trust continues to strengthen and grow distribution values.

Len & Ada Reynolds

The Trust's founders practiced generosity as a way of life. They sought not to waste any money or resources, so as to give to others.

Trust Established

Len Reynolds created the Trust in 1966 to help others in the Waikato community, with an enthusiasm for education and good work.

Partnership with Community Waikato

In 2014 Community Waikato was appointed as the Trust's fund manager to help distribute funds to the Waikato region more directly and actively.

Distributions Exceed $750,000

In 2017, our annual distributions exceeded $750,000 and continue to increase each year.

New Strategy

In 2019, the Trust developed a new strategy and as a part of that we appointed our first CEO, brought all of our funding back in house, and have a new focus on children, young people and the environment

Our People

Melissa is the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust, having been the Chairperson of the Trust for 7 years. She takes care of the day-to-day management of the Trust.

Melissa is passionate about giving back to the community and sits on a number of committees and boards, as well as being involved with volunteer work. Melissa believes that strong families create strong communities.

Melissa has been the CEO since August 2019, and can be contacted on 027 468 0698 or email melissa@lenreynoldstrust.co.nz

Melissa Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Kim is a Trustee of the Len Reynolds Trust and is the Chairperson.

Based rurally, Kim is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in psychology. Kim was previously on the Board of Trustees of her local school for seven years. She is particularly passionate about social issues affecting youth and about the promotion of education – particularly in rural areas. Kim is the great niece of Ada and Len Reynolds.

Kim has been a Trustee since January 2014.

Kim Avery

Trustee and Chairperson

Jann is a Trustee of the Len Reynolds Trust.

Based in Whangamata, Jann is particularly passionate about conservation and the environment and believes that the preservation and development of this plays an important part in society today and even more so for the future generations. Jann is the great niece of Ada and Len Reynolds.

Jann has been a Trustee since January 2014.

Jann Crossman

Trustee and Deputy Chairperson

Lydia is a Trustee of the Len Reynolds Trust.

Lydia is a former New Zealand Black Fern and by day is a technology teacher. She is particularly passionate about supporting the future generations and the environment. Lydia believes that empowerment and good values create foundations for building successful relationships within communities. Lydia is the great great niece of Ada and Len Reynolds.

Lydia has been a Trustee since July 2014.

Lydia Crossman


Tricia is a Trustee of the Len Reynolds Trust. Tricia is our financial guru, and as well as being a trustee of the Trust, is a director of Hamilton accounting firm, Vazey Child.

Tricia has had many years’ experience as the accountant for a number of not for profits.

Tricia has been a Trustee since April 2019 but has been involved with the Trust in her capacity as an accountant since 2015.

Tricia Hunt


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